Especial 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project isa global scale event in which more than one hundred cities participate each year. In just 48 hours, contestants have to make a short film in record time, following a series of requested elements that are revealed when the event begins. In Portugal, there are two cities that participate in the 48HFP: Lisbon and Castelo Branco.

This special screening will be divided in two parts. The first is composed by two films that were in 48HFP Lisbon 2018: “Eu, Pinto”, by Luís Almeida, winner of the Audience Award of its screening, and “Espelho Meu”, by Hugo Pinto, winner of several awards in the competition like Best Directing, Best Cinematography and Best Actress, and that also managed to be present in several festivals like Arouca Film Festival, Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest and MotelX.

On the second half of the screening we set sail across the ocean to reach American soil. In a special partnership celebrated this year, the 48HFP Ibero-American Group was born. Its purpose is to develop a group of initiatives parallel to the official competitions, as well as to help promoting the films. The group comprises the participating cities of South and Central America, as well as Lisbon and Castelo Branco. This screening will show a best-of from the latest years.

Eu, Pinto - 48 Hour Film Project

Eu, Pinto

Luís Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018)

A story about the healing powers of art.

Espelho Meu - 48 Hour Film Project

Espelho Meu

Hugo Pinto (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018)

Mariana is a painter that collapses after a badly resolved break-up. Her depressive spiral evolves into vengeful acts. As if it were a painting, Mariana paints her story of suffering with blood.

48HFP Ibero-American Group:

El Efecto de la Luz sobre las Cosas - 48 Hour Film Project

El Efecto de la Luz sobre las Cosas

Luis Machín (Mexico City, Mexico, 2017)

In her illness, Gabriela becomes obsessed with capturing the souls of the dying people, crafting an instrument. After her own departure, her boyfriend begins believing this theory.

Hora del Té - 48 Hour Film Project

Hora del Té

Mateo Moya (Bogotá, Colombia, 2017)

A ritual of preparation with all the details, without time or space for interruptions. It ‘s tea time – red, your favorite.

Don Juan - 48 Hour Film Project

Don Juan

Irving Ludwig Torres, Angel Malasquez (Lima, Peru, 2016)

A retired boxer, battling with his sickness. The long nights of loneliness, searching for a partner.

Ding Dong - 48 Hour Film Project

Ding Dong

Diego Cowks (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 2016)

A bunch of lowlife criminals risks na heist that will surely change their lives.

Concéntrico - 48 Hour Film Project


Diego G. Medina (Córdoba, Argentina, 2016)

Álvaro crosses the fourth wall of cinema, in a space and time in which fiction and reality are mixed.

No Él - 48 Hour Film Project

No Él

Pascual Paolucci, Facundo Cabrera (Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2017)

A young hotel receptionist struggles with his identity. Between what he desires to be and an image and name that he doesn’t consider his own.

NADIE! - 48 Hour Film Project


JB Minerva (Mexico City, Mexico, 2017)

In an apocalyptic future, a confined and lonely man desperately searches for other survivors.