Leiria Film Fest Screening

In partnership with PLANOS, the Leiria Film Fest presents a careful selection of films that have gone through the festival in the last five editions.

Leiria Film Fest is an International Short Film Festival focused on fiction, animation and documentary short-films competition.
In 2019, the 6th editionof the festival, takes place from Marck 21st to 24th, at Tetro Miguel Franco (Leiria, Portugal), where apart from independent short film cinema, non-competitive sessions of a wide range of themes are also presented.

The polished selection of short films has been receiving very positive critics over the years, making the Festival to be constantly sought by an increasing number of filmmakers and producers, with the goal of having their works in competition here.

For more information regarding the festival, visit leiriafilmfest.com

Shorts at this screening:

Postales - Leiria Film Fest



Pablo Santidrián e Inès Pintor Sierra (Spain)

Ainhoa and Yon meet on a deserted beach. Between them, will be born a summer love that they do not want to forget when autumn arrives. To keep alive their story memories, Ainhoa and Yon decide to send each other postcards for a year, to test if what they felt on the island lasts or not.

Catherine - Leiria Film Fest



Britt Raes (Belgium)

A tragic comedy of a sweet little girl who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.

El Paraguas de Colores - Leiria Film Fest


El Paraguas de Colores

Eduardo Cardoso (Spain)

How does a woman react when she finds out her husband’s cheating on her? What kind of club should she now join?

Parfum Fraise - Leiria Film Fest


Parfum Fraise

Alix Arrault, Martin Hurmane, Jules Rigolle, Samuel Klughertz (France)

Makoto is doing his best to raise his 7 years old son Kazuki. Despite his best intentions, the violence that was once his life comes back to bite him, and he will have no choice but to face it, before the eyes of his son, who he always tried to protect.

La Mirada Perdida - Leiria Film Fest


La Mirada Perdida

Damián Dionisio (Argentina)

Argentina, 1976. Claude is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live temporarily is discovered by the militars, which will soon carry out your procedure. His wife, Teresa, worried about what your child can get to watch, she decides to paint the girl glasses wearing, to try to get as far away as possible from the horror that is about to experience. In this way, she took refuge in his fantasy world to avoid looking at the harsh reality.