Planinhos - It's Planos for kids!

Saturday morning starts with a lot of animation! “Planinhos” returns and brings with it a careful selection of short-films dedicated to the younger audiences (and adults too). Bring the kids, or unleash your inner child on this special screening organized by Cineclube de Tomar.

Shorts in this screening:



André Ruivo (Portugal)

A sequence of short humorous gags, with an ironic and nonsense mood, that seeks to highlight some of the clichés that usually are associated with the idea of circus.



Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli (Italy)

In a fairy-tale forest, a grumpy old lady loses a bottle of wine. This is the start for a chain of events where all the characters an old lady, a naughty little girl, a cowardly mushroom seeker, a stupid wolf, a flock of birds – play their role, in a funny repartee between the film frame, leading to an unexpected development.



Joana Toste (Portugal)

A portrait of the horrible, terrible, torturous and unbearable small dramas of everyday life.



Antje Heyn (Germany)

PAWO (Tibetan for “being brave”) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strenght and skills. Pawo is also about the courage to face life without fear and fll of trust – although it sometimes isn’t as you would like it…


Christmas Wrapping Paper

José Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal)

Dodu, a fearless little cardboard boy, Camilla, an enchanting 8 year old girl and Santa, a Father Christmas for every day, rescue Camilla’s father from the claws of the Waste Monster. as part of their adventure they recycle the wrapping paper from the Christmas presents and are able to breathe in pure air with all Sky-Forests ad Earth-Forests.