VII Edition
22—26 November
Cine-Teatro Paraíso, Tomar


PLANOS – Tomar International Short Film Festival, is an event that has been held since 2016 and whose seventh edition takes place in November 2023, at Cine-Teatro Paraíso in Tomar.

In its genesis, it appears as a space for reflection and dissemination of new short film productions worldwide, in the same way that provides the opportunity for new talents to be able to promote their works. Since its first edition, more than 180 short films have been projected at PLANOS, representing more than 40 countries. Several of these works, which previously had an enviable track record in renowned international festivals, found in PLANOS their opportunity to debut in Portugal.

Films by everyone for everyone, is the motto of the festival, which appears in a manifest format and which also applies to the entire historical background of the festival. On a journey around the world, PLANOS appears as a window where different eyes meet, where we get to know different stories and observe different cultures, communities and identities, in an eclectic and inclusive selection of styles and themes, which transform the spectator’s vision by enriching it. Planos is drama, but it’s also comedy. It is fantasy but also reality. It is, therefore, of everyone, for everyone.