Official Selection 2022

Twenty five shorts from thirteen countries! These are the selected films that will take part in the Official Selection for the 6th edition of Planos Film Festival.


2020: A 3rd Left Odyssey

Directed by Ricardo Leite
Portugal | Adventure / Drama / Coming of Age | 2022

During a perilous maneuver, Socks has his spacecraft damaged. To repair it, he embarks on an unprecedented journey through the vastness of outer space, where a much greater threat dwells: the Astro-Zombies.


4 AM

Directed by Mehdi Fikri
France | Drama | 2021

France, November 2015. After the Paris terror attacks, the state of emergency is proclaimed to facilitate the work of police forces.
4 AM. A policewoman helps colleagues to conduct a search, but soon finds out that things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.


A World Free of Crisis

Directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac
France | Comedy / Drama / Romance | 2021

Emilie is struggling in life. After numerous unsuccessful interviews, the lively but clumsy 30 year-old finds herself under a great deal of social pressure and fears to lose her home. Naturally she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned…


All the Faces I Love Look Alike

Directed by Davi Mello & Deborah Perrotta
Brazil | Drama | 2021

A forgotten house is re-inhabited while a strange presence approaches.



Directed by Alba Just
Spain | Drama | 2021

Antonia shows us how the protagonist struggles with loneliness and her own thoughts, immersed in the monotony of everyday life.



Directed by Fabio Orefice & Rodolfo “Belusci” Croce
Italy | Drama / Thriller | 2021

Martino is afraid of flying. To allow him overcome his fear, his partner Anna tells him a secret. But just a moment later, the dream of a holiday away becomes a nightmare.



Directed by Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta
Mexico | Drama | 2021

Concertina is an interlocking narrative film that jumps between parallel realities as two sets of brothers discuss their dreams of one another. The film explores themes of ecology, family, and labor using magical realism as a narrative device to create dark, ethereal worlds that offer a glimpse into the power of the physical realm over our collective psyche.



Directed by Mark Albiston
New Zealand | Drama / Coming of Age | 2021

A fourteen-year-old boy, whose Mum plans on selling his deceased Dad’s Datsun, decides to take his best friend and little brother on one last joyride


Ditë e Kuqe

Directed by Besim Ugzmajli
Kosovo | Drama / Tragicomedy | 2021

Arsa, a deaf little girl, and her mother Dodona, an ex-actress, want to be part of “Festival of Performance”. Arsa is not on the list of participants but she and her mother are ready to do everything, only to show up on stage and present their unique story, which ends bloodily.


For Pete’s Sake

Directed by Gerald B. Fillmore
Spain / USA | Drama / Comedy | 2022

Jim is going insane, he has been in the hospital forever. When the doctor finally arrives with his tests, the results are unexpected. A matter of laugh or death.


Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books

Directed by Runxiao Luo
China | Drama / Coming of Age | 2021

As a model student in her elementary school, 11-year-old Lin Yuqi is assigned to give a speech about her family at the Parent’s Meeting tonight. But after Lin finds out that she shares the same secret with a mischievous classmate, she starts to have second thoughts.


Isole Ciclopi

Directed by Ryan De Franco & Matthew Mendelson
Italy | Drama | 2022

A mother returns to a familiar harbor in a struggle to reclaim her lost memories.


My Castle, My Home

Directed by José Mira
Portugal | Drama / Horror | 2021

Guilherme is tormented by his tennis coach and some creatures with racket hands. They chase him through the corridors of his house, which has metamorphosed into a labyrinth. On the run, Guilherme looks for his mother because she is the only one who can put an end to his torment.


Non Grata

Directed by Alba Lozano
Spain | Drama | 2022

Julia and her son Dani with ADHD attend a birthday party to which they haven’t been invited. Parents seem reluctant to let them in but they end up letting them pass. The party goes on well until an aggression between the kids makes the adults to blame Dani and Julia loses her temper for defending him.


North Pole

Directed by Marija Apcevska
Macedonia | Drama / Coming of Age | 2021

Misty field, crowded locker room. Margo belongs to neither. Maybe if she loses her virginity, she will finally find her place.



Directed by Ricardo M. Leite
Portugal | Thriller / Horror | 2021

A detective questions the similarities between the crime he investigates and his own actions after waking up to a dead woman, with no memory of the night before.


Our House in Flames

Directed by Miguel Mesquita
Portugal | Drama | 2021

Dawn. Through the mist, morning’s early light arises. But a stronger one stands out. It’s a wildfire that spreads in the distance. From her home, in the top of the mount, a worried woman faces the flames. But it’s not the proximity of danger that troubles her. Inside her house, her daughter sleeps, indifferent to the smoke that enters her room.



Directed by Ian Barling
USA | Drama / Thriller | 2021

On a winter night in Atlantic City, the manager of a defunct casino must reckon with his parental failures when his unruly son needs help out of an illicit bind.


Text Me When You Get Home XX

Directed by Niklas Bauer
Germany | Drama, Thriller | 2022

At night, a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in.


The Girl From Saturn

Directed by Gonçalo Almeida
Portugal | Romance / Coming of Age | 2021

A man relives a treasured episode from his youth in this phantasmagoric rumination on the construction and aestheticization of memories.


The Sleep of the Dogs

Directed by Dídac Gimeno
Spain | Thriller / Horror | 2021

Night falls on the wasteland. Esther tries to save her son César, who has been attacked by a creature of the night. But the boy disappears and Esther goes in search of him with her hunting dogs and her crossbow.


They Call It… Red Cemetery!

Directed by Francisco Lacerda
Portugal | Western | 2022

Among the crosses of an old cemetery, two outlaws have a dispute over honor, companionship and greed.



Directed by Joni Tuominen
Finland | Drama | 2022

Mikael struggles to tell his loved one about the illness. At the same time something valuable disappears from a nearby island.


Work it Class

Directed by Pol Diggler
Spain | Comedy | 2021

During a fancy New Year’s Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance.



Directed by Rodrigo Sena
Brazil | Drama | 2021

In a fishing village whose ancestors came from Africa, enslaved, ancient ancestral beliefs and cults remain. Neide (Jari Nass) is a former resident looking for ways to save her business, threatened by the decline of fish due to the oil spill in the region. The relations between the old forms of fishing work and their beliefs are contrasted with the need for collective work.