Official Selection 2023

Twenty short films. Twelve countries. This is the Official Selection for the 7th edition of Planos Film Fest.



A film by Guilherme Daniel
Portugal | Drama / Social Politics | 2023

A message of praise to the President concludes a Party assembly, sparking apotheotic applause.
In the middle of the crowd inquisitive eyes of the State Police look for the slightest sign of dissent, and the ovation does not cease.


Before Leaving


A film by Yan Kunao
China | Drama | 2023

Before leaving China to study abroad, Xiao Jun goes on a family trip to visit his grandparents after two years of separation. While everything seems to have surprisingly changed, Xiao Jun tries to reconnect with life around him and to finish the photography assignment about his family.



A film by Luís Campos
Portugal | Drama | 2022

A 10 year old girl is taken to a man who never recognized parenthood.




A film by Vytautas Katkus
Lithuania | Drama | 2022

A recently retired father invites his son to help him with the cherry picking in the garden. The father is in no hurry to finish the cherry job though, as he tries to catch up with his son. The cherries remain in the background.


Everything is Going Well


A film by Adrián Ordóñez
Spain | Drama / Coming of Age | 2023

Rachid, a young Moroccan immigrant, survives in a shelter and fights for his Spanish dream. Although nothing is easy for him, he gets a job in a restaurant and manages to meet the girl he likes. However, reality will show him that he hardly has any options, his letters are marked by his North African origin.


La Petite Mort


A film by Emanuele Daga
Italy | Comedy | 2022

Under the pretext of bringing back her wallet, a somewhat awkward boy woos the girl of his dreams on the ground floor of his building. Meanwhile, the middle-aged couple on the fourth floor frolics frolicking with erotic role-playing to liven up their marriage, until the fates of the two couples become intertwined…ruefully.


Love Has Nothing to do With It


A film by Yotam Knispel
Israel | Drama | 2022

Rina can’t look at her son Dean, who’s under house arrest at her home. Tomorrow Dean’s trial starts. As Rina doubts her ability to stand by his side, today, she will have to look into his eyes and hear the truth.


Maria José Maria

A film by Chico Noras
Portugal | Horror | 2022

On the same night that a dismembered and decapitated body is found in the city streets, Maria José wakes up startled by the absence of her mother.
The authorities try to find the author of this heinous crime, but soon they will face unexpected circumstances.
With a Hitchcockian touch, this psychological horror film, with both gore and absurd humor, is inspired by a true story that horrified Portugal in the mid-nineteenth century.



A film by Marcela Jacobina
Portugal | Drama | 2023

@nobody is a young girl who cams on social media through the avatar of an anime doll. But the girl underneath the colorful costumes is scared to leave her apartment and unable to maintain meaningful relationships. Struggling to connect with her distant mother and open up to her dearest client, she must choose an identity.


The Smotherer

A film by Silvana Torricella
Portugal | Drama / Thriller | 2023

Vicente is an “abafador”, a smotherer who travels around with the mission of ending the suffering of those who are terminally ill and dying. Tired of living like a criminal, he does one last service but is caught red-handed by a woman. Olívia tries to hire Vicente to put an end to her father’s suffering, but Vicente refuses. Desperate, she threatens to report him.




A film by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin
Norway | Drama | 2022

4 girls are hiding in a bunker trying to understand Earth’s pain.



A film by Gonçalo Barata Ferreira
Portugal | Drama | 2022

Today I’m going to tell the world, through this unusual air, through this narrow street where we are more than one. Our voice only spoken, until someone decides to put an end to this soul that will be forgotten…




A film by Andrea Casadio
Italy | Drama | 2023

In an Italy ravaged by a world health crisis, Daniela, a new medical intern, is left to notify patients’ families reporting their deaths, in the midst of a lockdown. One deceased patient, who appears to have no contacts, has left a mysterious message for a woman just before dying. This time, Daniela gets overly caught up in the story and devotes body and soul to deliver the message to the recipient, only to find herself in doubt about what to do once she retrieves the woman’s phone number: will she have the guts to call her?



A film by Damián Vondrášek
Czech Republic | Drama / Coming of Age | 2022

A boy with a cleft lip has one afternoon to pass the initiation ritual to a street gang.


Ten With a Flag

A film by Vasco Alexandre
United Kingdom / Portugal | Sci Fi / Dystopia | 2022

In a society where the government predicts the genetic intellectual capacity of every newborn child, a pregnant woman’s fetus is rated a perfect, but unusual 10.


The Boat


A film by Luke Morgan
Ireland / Nepal | Drama | 2023

When Dhuckia grows up, she wants to be a boat-maker like her Dad. But when he finds out that she is showing the early symptoms of Leprosy, he must make a terrible choice.


The End


A film by Fernando Reinaldos
Spain | Drama | 2022

In the last years, Carmen has dedicated herself body and soul to caring for her wife Rosa, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. In each gesture, Carmen maintains the hope that Rosa will look at her as she used to do when they were younger.


The Storm


A film by Wendi Tang
China | Drama / Coming of Age | 2022

In late September 2008, Xiaomin, class president in her elementary school graduating class, is reported by her classmates to have been seen consorting with street hooligans outside the school.




A film by Kai Bosse
Germany | Satire / Drama | 2022

During an attempted robbery, desperate yet fearless Essob Iak has to define his moral limits on a chaotic mission where suddenly the survival of an entire company is in his hands.


Your Scissors Near My Ears


A film by Carlos Ruano
Spain | Comedy | 2022

Desperate for a last minute haircut the night before his wedding, a fancy client enters a cheap barbershop. But he´ll get more than he bargained for when the barber recognizes him as a very important person from his past.