All I Want

A film by Venika Mitra

WORLD PREMIERE / India / Comedy / 7:24 min / 2016


This is the story of a purposeful, single minded and unwavering pursuit, of a street urchin Ratan, to buy one mango.
Ratan is a 7-8 years old incorrigible and aimless street bum; who rambles through an entire day to buy one mango. The only money he has is 9 bucks. The mango seller he asks, ridicules him while telling the prices of all the varieties of mangoes available. Ratan knows he is short of 10 bucks to buy this mango. In his struggle of buying this mango, the very audacious Ratan does whatever he can; and thus begins Ratan’s wild goose chase to get 10 bucks more.
This is the story of a journey of human audacity in the whimsical garb of life.