Blind Fate

A film by Sean E. Robinson

WORLD PREMIERE / United Kingdom / Drama, Science Fiction / 5:50 min / 2017

Alice, John and Samantha are locked in a love triangle. They live in a quite village on the coast of England. It’s bleak and cold. Two of them have made plans to leave and start again somewhere else.

In each universe Alice always loves John, Samantha remains truly selfish, John is weak and unsure of what he wants. Alice will always die tragically.

The differences in each narrative timeline will show how regardless of how, when or why they ended up in the situation their characters will stay true and that their fate is the same because of this.


Directed by: Sean E. Robinson | Produced by: Sean E. Robinson | Cast: Claire CartwrightDaniel Craze & Zoey Kay | Cinematography: David Foulkes | Screenplay: Sean E. Robinson | Production Design: Jabez Bartlett | Art Director: Jabez Bartlett | Production Manager: Leah Joyce | Assistant Director: Laura Prast | Assistant Camera: Nacho Guzman | Second Assistant Camera: Maria Camilla | Makeup and Hairstyling: Serena Grace | Sound Recordist: Robert Brown | Original Score: Synkro