A film by Line Itani

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Lebanon / Drama, Sci-Fi / 13:40 min / 2018

In a cement city reigned by drought, tears are the only means of remuneration possible. In an effort to subsist, people live off consuming water and food replacements, survival being their only worry. 

Aktham and Sirab find themselves struggling to make a decent living. While Aktham resorts to physical damage to incite tears, Sirab, who had been living off her inheritance, finds herself unwilling and unable to cry.  

The two cross paths with a Mystic, who, aware of their state, sends them off to the reservoir of the city’s tears. She guides them to walk in a straight line until they reach the Eldorado. However, the struggle not to drift off increases as they end up in a cement dome where all notion of straight is lost.

Festivals and Awards:

24th European Film Festival, Lebanon – Best Short Film award as part of the Lebanese Students’ Short Films category | Next Festival, Lebanese American University, Lebanon | Mishkal Festival, Al-Madina Theatre, Lebanon 

Written and Directed by: Line Itani | Cast: Bashir Abou ZeidHiba SleimanMaamoun TebboRoger AzarMohammad YassineProducers: Firas Itani & Lebanese American UniversityAcademic Supervisor: Sarah Kaskas | Director of Photography: Wassim Makary | Production Designer: Maamoun Tebbo | Sound & Music Designer: Sandra Sayej | Make Up Artist: Lama Saab | Costume Stylist: Riyad Yassine | Editor: Line Itani | Poster Designers: Youssef & Line Itani | Production Manager: Nadine Kabbara | Assistant Director: Iyad TchelebiArt Department : Demi Kanaan & Tristan Trabulsi | Production Personnel: Rania HabbouchiTima Al Ahmad & Rana HazimGaffer: Mizyed Azrai1st Assistant Camera: Karl Bourjeily2nd Assistant Camera: Rahaf JammalClapper & Logger: Natalie MaaloufLoader: Adam JammalScript Supervision & Continuity: Youssef ItaniMaking Of: Dana Younes | Assistant Editor: Youssef ItaniColorist: Jad Misri Portuguese Subtitles: Caroline de Albergaria Arbadji