A film by Alessandro D'Ambrosi & Santa de Santis

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Italy / Dark Comedy / 15:00 min / 2016

The parodic representation of a refined vernissage from upper class town that turns into a grotesque and hilarious “assault” at the buffet. A handful of brave fighters “at the service” of his country is ready to face the insatiable hunger “for power” of those invited to the banquet, in an epic, tragicomic and merciless battle. Buffet is an ironic and cruel metaphor of the new human barbarity, hypocrisy, greed and the bad individualism that has devoured our beautiful country

Screenings and Awards:

SediciCorto Film Festival 2017, Corti in Cortile Festival di cortometraggi 2017 – Best Screenplay, Roma Creative Contest 2017 – Jury Special Mention, Fiaticorti Film Festival 2017, Moviemmece Cinefestival della biodiversità del cibo e delle culture 2017, Shorts Mexico 2017, IndieFlicks Film Festival, Wasteland Film Festival, Clorofilla Film Festival 2017, 4th Taratsa International Film Festival

Directed by: Alessandro D’Ambrosi & Santa de Santis | Produced by: Alessandro Riccardi | Written by:Alessandro D’Ambrosi & Santa de Santis | Director of Photography: Daniele Cipri | Editing: Alessandro D’Ambrosi & Santa de Santis | Original Soundtrack: Andrea Remini | Costumes: Chiara Aversano | Set Decorator: Viviana Panfili | MUA: Tiziana Porrazzo | Director of Production: Diego D’Ambrosio | Inspector of Production: Michela Forgione | Secretary: Cinzia Rocco | Audio Editing: Diego Gualino | Sound Designer: Ignazio Vellucci