A film by João Monteiro

Portugal / Drama / 14:15 min / 2019

In a portuguese suburb, José celebrates his 18th birthday. A silver necklace falls in his hands, offered by his older brother. In the aftermath of this present, the film assumes a nostalgic reflexion about the identity of a lost family.

Festivals and Awards:

MIFEC – International Film School Festival | Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival | FEST New Directors New Films Festival | Indie Visions Film Festival | Louisiana LGBT Film Festival | LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival | Durham Film Festival | Short Focus Film Festival | Oaxaca Film Fest | YVE International Youth Film Festival | Motion Pictures International Film Festival’ (MOPIFF) | Madrid Indie Film Fest

Written and Directed by: João Monteiro | Cast: Nuno Nolasco, José Cordeiro, Susana Brandão, Eloy Monteiro | Producers: Maria Moreira, Tânia Teixeira | Cinematography: André Amaral | Editor: João Monteiro | Sound Director: Renato Milho