Laranja Amarelo

A film by Pedro Augusto Almeida

Portugal / Drama / 10:00 min / 2017

Tiago is driven by the dreams of an unresolved relationship. Summer is coming to an end and his friends band will give a concert. Sofia shows up to take some photos.

Screenings and Awards:

14th IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Portugal

Written, Directed and Edited by: Pedro Augusto Almeida | Produced by: Pedro Augusto Almeida & André Marques | Assistant Director: Amadeu Pena da Silva | Cinematography: Manuel Pinho Braga | Image Assistant: Flávia Gato Lombardi | Art Direction: Inês Azevedo Pinto & Joana Carneiro Reis | Sound: Pedro Cruz | Music: Esfera | Colorist: Rodrigo Ferreira | Graphic Design: Diogo Marrafa