Lube Job

A film by Ioannis Hansen

NATIONAL PREMIERE / USA / Comedy / 04:30 min / 2016

Marge and her gals run a different kind of garage. But is their shop legit, or are the customers getting taken for a ride?  

Screenings and Awards:

San Antonio Film Festival (SAFILM) 2017, Orlando Film Festival 2017, San Francisco Greek Film Festival 2017, El Dorado Film Festival 2017

Directed by: Ioannis Hansen | Produced by: Shaun “Gish” Falcone | Executive Producer: J. Matt Wallace | Cast: CJ Critt, Nadine Marissa, Heather Child, JW Walton, Simon Cardoza & Xenia Hansen | Screenplay: Ioannis Hansen | Director of Photography: Andrew Hajek | Editor:Shaun “Gish” Falcone