A film by Justine Goaziou and Samantha Vié

NATIONAL PREMIERE / France / Comedy / 14:00 min / 2019

Like many young girls from her age, Moustine, twelve years old, dreams of becoming a ballet dancer as to integrate the prestigious ballet of Moustaco.
But in the city of Moustaco, everybody wears the mustache, unfortunately Moustine was born without one. But evidently “impossible isn’t Moustine!”

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Written and Directed by: Justine Goaziou, Samantha Vié | Script: Benoit Dagorne, Justine Goaziou, Maéva Gonzales, Samantha Vié | Producer: BCinéCréatis | Cast: Naya Roubieu, Claude Kagan, Anaïs Boucher, Laurent Bolteau, Noemie Jehanne