Night of Brass

A film by Anna van Keimpema

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Netherlands / Comedy, Drama / 14:59 min / 2017

At a farm on the vast countryside of North Groningen, David is silently eating while sulking Claudia is looking out the kitchen window. Tension is running high when three sopping wet members of a brass band ring the doorbell. They have run out of petrol and are looking for shelter from the rain. The initially silent battle turns into chaos when the couple is forced to quarrel against the noise of the instruments. An absurdist film that accurately shows, with very little dialogue, where things go wrong.

Festivals and Awards:

Netherlands Film Festival, Altonale Festival Hamburg, International Short and Documentary Film Festival Kerala, IndiaWomen Media Arts and Film Festival (September 2017)

Directed by: Anna van Keimpema | Script: Amarins Romkma | Produced by: Family Affair Films – Noortje Wilschut | Cast: Bianca KrijgsmanRaymond ThiryArno BakkerTommie Freke & Joop van der Linden