A film by Aldo Iuliano

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Italy / Drama / 14:02 min / 2016

A group of guys plays football in the middle of nowhere. At stake is much more than a simple victory.

Festivals and Awards:

Venice Film Festival – Young Authors Competitive Section – Best short film, CINESPACIO International Film Festival 2017, World FICTS Challenge – Winner, SediciCorto Film Festival 2017, Corti in Cortile Festival di Cortometraggi – Best Short Film, Best Cast, Corto Lovere 2017 – Best Bditing, OFF – Odense International Film Festival, Molise Cinema Film Festival – Winner, Nashville Film Festival

Directed by: Aldo Iuliano | Cast: Nyaringel Yawo, Danish Bhutto, Edris Mahmoudzadeh, Seidu Haruna, Ibrahim Baba, Nurudeen Asuma, Kindness Ibrahim, Wahab Masawudo, Boubacar Samake, Solomon Aregawi, Yaya Fofana, Yahaya Bance, Issah Aness, Mohamed Keita, Mahmudun Nobi & Sheikh Shahinur | Written By: Severino Iuliano & Alessandro Giulietti | Director of Photography: Daniele Cipri’  | Edited by: Marco Spoletini | Music: Enrico Melozzi | Soloist: Elsa Lila | Executive Producer: Freak Factory | Producer: Andrette Lo Conte | Production Manager: Carlo Pasini