A film by David Eilander

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Netherlands / Coming of Age / 11:28 min / 2018

Djarno is a moody Dutch teenager who returns home from boarding school for his little sister’s birthday. His parents live in a caravan at a traveling carnival, which is where Django also grew up. Confronted with his dad’s declining business, he is forced to face the fact that his youth – and life as he knows it – is nearing its end.

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Directed by: David Eilander | Script: David Eilander, Ashar Medina | Director of Photography: Douwe Hennink | Producers: Sander Verdonk, Miel van Welzen, Julius Ponten | Cast: Maas Bronkhuyzen, Hailey Ruiter, Mads Wittermans, Rian Gerritsen | Music: Raven Tenner, Harry de Wit