A film by Cátia Silva

Portugal / Drama / 14:19 min / 2018

A young man (Tunes) participates in illegal fights to support the debts caused by his father’s (Zé) addictions. Consequently, this type of life creates problems in his romantic relationship (with Clara), to this is added Maria, the girl that Tunes got pregnant although he doesn’t share the same love she has for him.

Festivals and Awards:

Shortcutz  Viseu 2018 | Shortcutz Lisboa 2018 | Shortcutz Covilhã 2018 | Arouca Film Festival 2018 – Honorable Mention, Fiction | Ymotion | Mostra Cinema Português 2018 | Metro Film & TV Awards 2019 | Porto7 2019 – Best Short Film | Porto Femme 2019

Written and Directed by: Cátia Silva | Cast: Fábio A.Costa, Almeno Gonçalves, Sara Barradas, Joana Aguiar | Cinematography: Ângela Bismarck | Produced by: Cátia Silva | Executive Producer: Filipe Faria | Sound: Jérémy Pouivet, David Breda | Art Direction: Andreia Ribeiro | Editing: Gustavo Silva | Sound Mixing: Manuel Antunes | Music: Pedro Maceiras, Tiago Mendes | Make Up: Sofia Dinis | Assistant Director: Inês Morais