Stella 1

A film by Roberto D'Ippolito & Gaia Bonsignore

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Italy / Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure / 16:15 min / 2017

Someone in the deep space is calling, she must complete her mission and become a captain. Her name is Stella 1 and she’s an astronaut girl.
While we are made of the same matter of the stars, sometimes reality takes over: Stella learns the perils of landing on the real world, after her mission in space is misdirected for her own growth and safety.

Screenings and Awards:

Hollyshorts 2017, Austin Film festival 2017, Trieste Sci-Fi 2017, Tirana International Film Festival, Foggia International Film Festival, Italy IFF Milan – Nominated for Best Director, Best Edit and Best Sound Design for a Short

Written and Directed by: Roberto D’Ippolito & Gaia Bonsignore | Assistant Director: Caterina Colombo, Simone Zacchi, Giorgia Soi | Produced by: Roberto D’Ippolito | Co-Producer: Gaia Bonsignore | Production Coordenator: Gianni Randellini | Cast: Francesca Mattesini, Cecilia Dazzi, Takako Ishii, Endo Tetsuji, William Catania, Pietro Abbado, Alessia Ceccantini & Andrea Chimenti | Script Supervisor: Angela Veneziano | Director of Photography: Stefano Usberghi | Camera: Luca Gennari | Assistant Cameras: Andrea Reitano, Giulia Fosca Borrelli | Art Director: Samuele Bertocci | Set Decorator: Gianluca Borgogni | Makeup: Francesco Di Santo