The Coffin

A film by Kadim Tarasov

NATIONAL PREMIERE / Ukraine / Drama, Dark Comedy / 08:50 min / 2019

Ukrainian existential western. Having lost his family, the old Ivan is going mad, he colors his face with paints and puts on a goetic headwear made of feathers, he removes icon from the frame. Ivan builds himself a coffin with his own hands and prepares for meeting with the death. It seems nobody can bring his mind back. An unexpected meeting with a vagabond black dog changes his plans. Looking into the dog’s eyes, Ivan comes round, he realizes that the death has arrived and meets it with dignity. The old man washes the paint off and takes away the headwear, he returns icons to the frames and disassembling the coffin, builds a doghouse for the dog. Ivan dies with a smile on his face.

Festivals and Awards:

Zaporizhzhia International Film Festival, Ukraine 2019 – Best ukrainian short film | BRUKIVKA International Film Festival, Ukraine 2019 | International Film Festival “Cinema and You”, Ukraine 2019 | INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL “BUCOVINA”, Ukraine 2019 | Korona Karpat – Truskavets International Film Festival, Ukraine 2019 | Short film festival Civil projector, Ukraine 2019 – Special mention

Directed by: Kadim Tarasov | Cast: Oleg Mosiychuk,  Maria Hesh,  Oksana Teliha,  Anna Suranovich,  Iurii Tymkovich, Pes Mykhachlych | Produced by: Andriy Rizol, Alina Krasnianska | Edited by: Kadim Tarasov | Script: Iryna Ischenko, Kadim Tarasov