The Daughter-in-law

A film by Debatma Mandal

NATIONAL PREMIERE / India / Dark Comedy / 14:27 min / 2019

The Daughter-in-law is the story of a middle-aged couple in the 1960s, living their mundane lives in Kolkata. He is a nagging husband who does not allow her to indulge in any of the things that she wants to do. When he is diagnosed with cancer, a scientist friend begs him to donate his organs for research which he flatly declines. The wife agrees to do so after his death. When she goes to see his organs in the lab and realizes on seeing his eyes in a jar connected to his brain that they can still register everything around them, she asks to take it home as it’s her husband’s. What does she do with her husband’s still-conscious head, culminates to a climax which is both funny and dark.

Festivals and Awards:

Directed by: Debatma Mandal | Cast: Bidita Bag, Paran Banerjee, Rajatabha Dutta, Preetam Ganguly , Chaitali Jana | Produced by: Raajiv Mitra, Ronita Mitra | Music by: Rajkumar Sengupta | Edited by: Antara Lahiri